Does your vehicle not work properly? Do not know what defect do you have?

We'll connect your vehicle to a modern diagnostic device that detects errors and makes it easier to remove them.


  • Identification Services - View information about the ECU, in particular order number, manufacturer, date of programming, etc.
  • Debug Memory Listing - A list of errors that were present with error diagnostics (static, sporadic, etc.) since the last diagnostics of the system.
  • Reading of the measured values - Displaying the individual quantities of the ECUs measured, or displaying the data received from other systems.
  • Test of actuators - Test of actuators connected to the ECU.
  • Setting of ECU parameters - Resetting service intervals, making basic settings, adjusting various parameters, correcting measured values.
  • Security features - Unlock access to the ECU (PIN code, RSA authorization).
  • Firmware Update - Replace calibration data or software.

The ECU diagnosis takes place when the diagnostic tool is connected to the vehicle via a diagnostic socket. This socket is usually located near the driver's seat or in the engine compartment.


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